About Us

Chapel House Soap was born out of necessity and my desperation to find something better than I was being offered, I wanted an eco and ethical alternative to shower gels and their hugely polluting production, high carbon footprint and crazy amount of plastic waste.

I was unhappy with the options of soaps, shower gels and body washes that were available to me, from an ethical and eco perspective they just weren’t good enough, they were full of chemicals, contained in plastic bottles and I hated buying them. Switching to soap sounds like the obvious choice but too many soap bars contain palm oil, fragrances and other chemicals which do not make them an attractive alternative.  The prospect of a slimy soap bar, shared by the household, dissolving in a sloppy dish, was not something attractive either. I decided the only way to solve this problem was to look to source my own alternatives and so Chapel House Soap was born.

I wanted to encourage my family to move away from their too easy to use shower gels but I had two key problems to solve. The soap and the storage of the soap.

To solve the soap problem, I started looking at locally produced, natural soaps which I now have manufactured for me, here in the UK.  I only source from manufacturers who guarantee no animal testing so they are cruelty free. 

To solve the slimy soap dish problem I discovered cotton soap bags, but they all looked the same, how did I get my family to know what soap was theirs? I don't know about you but I really dont like sharing, my soap bags not only keep the soap free of slime, but everyone knows which soap is theirs and they are designed to be used as a body buffer too, another plastic we can remove from the bathroom.

I absolutely love my products, I hope you will too.